Big Sky Flight Services

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Unbeaten Technology 

To deliver the best service and quality, you need the best technology in addition to a high focus on team based interaction. Big Sky Flight Services utilizes several major interactions to assure customers are handled quickly and safely with the highest service standard. 

Smart Phone Integration

Push-to-talk capabilities help to ensure that there is always an open line to dispatch. Smart phone integration helps with improved flexibility over other services in providing GPS based assignment capabilities reducing response time. 

Tablet Dispatch System

Each agent is equipped with a tablet to display flight information and the name of passengers inbound to assist with wheelchair integration. 

Quick Response Button

Airline ticket counter and gate locations can be equipped with a small push button quick response system. This system is wireless sending an alert to our dispatcher through a push button system. Airline agents simply push the number of wheelchairs needed. The location of the button and the number needed appears with our dispatcher to dispatch our staff.